Building Connections within the Shed Industry

One of the key principles that Matt Black emphasizes is the importance of building connections within the shed industry. While traditional sales lots may offer a physical space for customers to explore sheds, Matt has taken a different route. Instead of relying on brick-and-mortar locations, he has built a strong presence within the industry itself. “We believe in establishing our brand within the shed community,” says Matt. “This has been pivotal in our journey.”

Matt’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, as he has graced the covers of prestigious magazines like Shed Builder Magazine, Garage, Shed Carport, Builder Magazine, and has been featured in other well-known publications in the shed industry. This exposure has enabled Blacks Buildings to gain credibility and recognition among both industry peers and potential customers. By being a prominent figure in the industry, Blacks Buildings has effectively replaced the need for a sales lot with a strong industry presence.

Leveraging Online Marketing

To compensate for the absence of physical sales lots, Blacks Buildings has invested heavily in online marketing strategies. Matt advocates the use of Facebook ads and collaborating with agencies specializing in digital marketing. “Our online presence is critical in reaching our target audience,” he states. “We understand that to thrive without a sales lot, we must excel in the digital space.”

By precisely targeting potential customers through online channels, Blacks Buildings maximizes its reach while minimizing overhead costs associated with maintaining physical locations. This approach allows the company to allocate resources more efficiently and offer customers more competitive pricing.

Giving Back to the Community

While the absence of a sales lot may seem like a disadvantage in terms of exposure, Matt Black has turned this challenge into an opportunity. Blacks Buildings actively collaborates with individuals, churches, and local government entities on community projects. Matt emphasizes, “Our primary motivation is to serve the community and make a positive impact. However, it’s undeniable that this also brings us exposure to locals who may become potential customers.”

By engaging in projects that benefit the community, Blacks Buildings creates a positive image for the brand while also cultivating goodwill within the local population. This approach not only garners attention but also establishes a strong connection with potential customers who appreciate a company that gives back to the community.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having No Sales Lots

The unconventional approach of forgoing sales lots has both advantages and disadvantages. On the downside, there is a lack of exposure that comes with not having a physical presence where passersby can stumble upon sheds and become interested in purchasing. As Matt acknowledges, “Many people get interested in buying a shed when they pass by a sales lot on their way to work or while running errands. These lots then become top of mind when the customer is ready to make a purchase.”

However, the advantages to selling online are equally compelling. The most significant advantage is a decreased overhead, as Blacks Buildings avoids expenses related to rent, and other costs associated with maintaining sales lots. This cost savings is passed on to customers in the form of more competitive prices. Additionally, potential customers can still view a model structure at the manufacturing location, eliminating the need to set up sales lots at multiple locations.

Matt Black and Blacks Buildings have redefined success in the shed industry by demonstrating that a sales lot is not a prerequisite for achieving excellence. By focusing on industry connections, content creation, online marketing, and community involvement, Matt has paved a new path to success that challenges conventional norms. As he aptly puts it, “Innovation is at the heart of our business, and we’ve shown that with the right strategies, you can thrive in the shed industry without the burden of a traditional sales lot.” In this way, Blacks Buildings serves as a testament to the power of innovation and the limitless possibilities that exist for those willing to break free from the confines of tradition.


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