Building a Strong Foundation for Your Customized Space with Blacks Buildings

When it comes to choosing a storage or accessory structure, structural integrity is paramount. Blacks Buildings understands the importance of a strong foundation, and they offer a variety of structural options to meet your specific needs. This article delves into these options, starting with their default or basic offering, and explores the benefits and potential design ideas for each.

Default Structural Option: Notched 4×6 Runners with Pressure-Treated 2×6 Joists and Subflooring

Blacks Buildings’ default structural option sets a solid foundation for all their structures. Here’s what it comprises:

Notched 4×6 Runners: Notched runners are the horizontal beams that sit directly on the ground to support the structure. The notches ensure a snug fit and added stability.

Pressure-Treated 2×6 Joists: Pressure-treated joists are the vertical supports that create a strong framework for the subflooring. Pressure treatment involves preserving the wood against decay and insect damage, ensuring longevity.

Subflooring: Subflooring is a layer of strong, durable material that covers the joists. It forms the base for the finished flooring and adds further strength and stability to the structure.

Blacks Buildings’ default structural option provides a solid foundation for all their structures, offering an array of design and function possibilities:

Design and Function Ideas

Garden Shed: The default flooring is perfect for a garden shed, where you can store your tools, pots, and gardening supplies. You might also consider adding shelves and workbenches for potting plants or conducting maintenance tasks.

Workshop: Transform your structure into a woodworking shop or DIY workspace. The robust subflooring can handle the weight of heavy machinery, and the pressure-treated joists ensure durability. You can customize the interior with tool storage, workstations, and good lighting for a functional workshop.

Hobby Studio: Whether you’re into painting, crafting, or model building, the default flooring can support the setup of your hobby studio. Customize it with storage shelves, a comfortable seating area, and ample natural light for a creative and inspiring space.

Pool House: For a pool house, the subflooring is an excellent base for changing rooms, showers, and storage for pool equipment and toys. You can also add a seating area and refreshment station to create a comfortable, convenient poolside retreat.

Backyard Office: The strong floor system is suitable for a backyard office. Equip it with all the essentials you need to work from home, such as a desk, chair, and storage. The subflooring ensures a stable and productive workspace.

The default flooring option is versatile and robust, making it a solid foundation for various applications. Feel free to get creative with your structure’s design and function, and Blacks Buildings’ default option will provide the support you need.

This default option provides a tremendously strong floor system that can withstand a lifetime of use. 

Now, let’s explore the additional structural options that Blacks Buildings offers:

Remove Floor and Add 6″x6″ Band and Interior Bracing

Description: This option requires  removing the subflooring and adding a 6″x6″ band and interior bracing for enhanced structural support.

Interior Bracing: Interior bracing refers to the installation of additional supports within the structure of a building, typically positioned on the inside. These bracing elements are designed to enhance the building’s structural integrity, improve stability, and distribute loads more evenly. They are commonly used to strengthen the framework of a building, especially in scenarios where it needs to bear heavy loads or withstand external forces like strong winds or seismic activity.

6″x6″ Band: A 6″x6″ band refers to a structural component made from wood or other suitable materials, typically measuring 6 inches by 6 inches in cross-sectional dimensions. Bands are often used in construction to provide horizontal support and distribute the load of the structure to the foundation. They are a critical part of the building’s framing system and help to transfer the weight of the building to the foundation, ensuring stability and strength. The 6″x6″ band’s dimensions indicate its width and thickness, and it is a substantial component that plays a vital role in a building’s structural integrity.

Benefits: The 6″x6″ band and interior bracing reinforce the structure, making it even more resilient and suitable for heavy-duty applications. It’s a great choice if you plan to store exceptionally heavy items or equipment.

Design and Function Ideas: Consider using this option for a workshop where heavy machinery is housed. The added strength ensures that the structure can support the weight of large tools and equipment without any concerns.

Add Two Additional Runners

Description: This enhancement entails the installation of two supplementary runners, which are the horizontal beams that play a crucial role in providing support to the building’s structure.

Runner: A runner is a horizontal beam or member that serves as a foundational component within a building’s framework. Runners are typically positioned parallel to the ground and play a crucial role in providing support and stability to the structure. They are often used to distribute the weight of the building or to support the flooring system, making them essential in ensuring the structural integrity of a building. The term “runner” is commonly associated with wooden structures, but similar components made from various materials may serve the same purpose in different types of construction.

Benefits: The addition of extra runners serves to distribute weight more evenly across the structure, significantly enhancing its stability. This option is particularly well-suited for individuals planning to utilize the structure as a storage shed for heavy items or vehicles, ensuring that the building can confidently bear the load without concerns about structural integrity.

Design and Function Ideas: Consider selecting this option if your intended use for the structure involves storing a vehicle, such as an ATV. The inclusion of extra runners ensures that the building possesses the strength and load-bearing capacity to securely accommodate the weight of the vehicle, providing you with a reliable and durable storage solution.

Vaulted 2×6 Trusses with No Collar Tie

Description: Vaulted 2×6 trusses with no collar tie represent a distinctive architectural feature in which the roof structure takes on an arched or vaulted appearance, and there are no horizontal collar ties installed to connect the trusses.

Vaulted Truss with No Collar Tie: A vaulted truss with no collar tie is a specialized architectural and structural component used in roofing systems that imparts a distinctive arched or vaulted appearance to the roof while omitting the use of horizontal collar ties. In this design, the roof trusses are configured to form an arched shape, creating an open and spacious interior environment.

The absence of a collar tie distinguishes this structural approach from conventional truss systems. Collar ties are typically horizontal members used to connect the upper parts of opposing roof rafters or trusses, enhancing lateral stability and load distribution.

In the case of a vaulted truss with no collar tie, the roof’s arched profile is maintained without the need for these horizontal ties. This design choice not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the building but also allows for increased vertical space within the structure. This configuration is often chosen when a more open and airy interior environment is desired, making it suitable for a variety of applications, including recreational spaces, workshops, or storage areas that require extra headroom and a unique architectural touch.

Benefits: Opting for vaulted trusses not only introduces a visually striking element to the building’s design but also offers practical advantages. The absence of collar ties allows for increased vertical space within the structure. This becomes especially valuable if you intend to use the building for recreational or storage purposes that demand additional headroom.

Design and Function Ideas: This structural option is particularly well-suited for applications like a garage or workshop where extended vertical space is needed . For instance, it provides the ideal environment for accommodating large equipment such as a car lift or overhead storage. Additionally, the spacious, open atmosphere created by the vaulted trusses is ideal for recreational activities, which makes  it perfect for converting the space into a comfortable and airy setting for hobbies and leisure pursuits.

Having reviewed the structural solutions provided by Blacks Buildings, you’re now equipped to choose an option that best suits your specific needs.  To learn more about these options, their benefits, and how they can enhance your structure, you are encouraged  to reach out to Blacks Buildings. Their team of experts is ready to assist you in making the right choice for your project. Upgrade your structure’s strength and versatility today by contacting Blacks Buildings for more information. Your ideal accessory structure awaits!


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