A Guide to Understanding the Warranty Offerings of Blacks Buildings

Warranties are highly significant  for portable buildings as they provide peace of mind and assurance to buyers. These structures, designed to withstand various weather conditions and daily wear and tear, often serve as essential storage, workspaces, or even living spaces. 

A comprehensive warranty not only safeguards the investment but also ensures that any unexpected defects or issues are promptly addressed by the manufacturer. It offers protection against material defects, workmanship errors, and other unforeseen problems, ultimately saving owners from potentially costly repairs or replacements. In essence, a robust warranty reflects  the manufacturer’s trust  in their product’s quality and durability , providing buyers with the confidence they need to fully enjoy and rely on their portable building.

Blacks Buildings, a trusted provider of high-quality portable structures, offers a range of warranties designed to give you peace of mind. This article will  delve into each of their warranty offerings and provide a clear understanding of what they include.

The Warranty Offerings of Blacks Buildings

5-Year Workmanship Warranty

Blacks Buildings proudly offers a 5-year workmanship warranty. This warranty covers the craftsmanship of your portable building, ensuring it is free from defects caused by the construction process. If any issues arise related to the construction or assembly of your building within this time frame, Blacks Buildings is committed to addressing and rectifying these concerns promptly.

40-Year Warranty on Metal

The 40-year warranty on metal underscores the durability and longevity of the materials used in Blacks Buildings’ structures. It ensures that the metal components of your building will remain free from defects for a significant period, offering protection against rust, corrosion, or other material-related issues for four decades.

50-Year Warranty on LP SmartSiding

Blacks Buildings provides a remarkable 50-year warranty on LP SmartSiding, underscoring the quality and reliability of this siding material. This extended warranty safeguards your portable building against any defects in the LP SmartSiding, assuring that it will maintain its structural integrity and visual appeal for half a century.

20-Year Warranty on Subfloor

The 20-year warranty on the subfloor reflects the commitment to the longevity of your portable building’s foundation. Blacks Buildings guarantees that the subfloor, a critical component for the stability and durability of your structure, will remain free from defects or structural issues for two decades.

Lifetime Limited Warranty on Shingles

Blacks Buildings’ lifetime limited warranty on shingles ensures that the roofing of your portable building is protected for its entire lifespan. This warranty covers any defects in the shingles, ensuring  that your structure will remain dry and well-protected from the elements throughout its full duration .

Lifetime Limited Warranty: Important Details

Blacks Buildings offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty that extends to the original purchaser and may not be transferred to subsequent owners. This warranty assures the product against defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the purchaser after the date of installation.

Blacks Buildings also guarantees that the shed substantially conforms to the quality and workmanship of the display shed of the same model that may have been shown to you by the authorized agent from whom you bought the shed. Please note that the  shed is produced with natural materials, and you may notice imperfections in these materials. These should not be considered defects.

Exclusions from the Lifetime Limited Warranty

It’s important to understand that the lifetime limited warranty extends only to defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not cover any product or part that has been discarded by you. It also does not cover damage to your shed caused by misuse, accidents, improper maintenance, improper use, vandalism, or to units which have been altered or modified without the authorization of Blacks Buildings. Additionally, the lifetime limited warranty does not extend to acts of God, including but not limited to tornadoes, hail, and floods.

A Note on Conditions of the Warranty

Blacks Buildings’ warranties are subject to certain conditions to ensure their validity:

  • Proof of Purchase: Retain your bill of sale or provide other proof of purchase as documentation of your warranty.
  • Timely Notification: Notify Blacks Buildings within thirty (30) days of discovering any defect or issue.
  • Authorized Repair: All warranty service and repairs must be conducted by Blacks Buildings or its authorized agents. Any repairs performed by unauthorized parties may void the warranty.
  • Routine Maintenance: Routine maintenance is the responsibility of the owner and includes tasks such as painting, level adjustments, and preventing vegetation growth around the building’s edges.
  • Proper Setup: Buildings exceeding 10 x 12 ft. must be correctly set up on a pad of 2B stone or a concrete pad, with cinder blocks being a suitable alternative for leveling. Setting any objects against the building’s exterior is discouraged, and a minimum distance of 12″ should be maintained between mulch, shrubs, and the building exterior.

Trust Blacks Buildings for Your Portable Building Needs

For Tennessee residents seeking reliable and high-quality portable buildings, Blacks Buildings are known  as a trusted and reputable provider. With exceptional warranty offerings, you can have full confidence in the quality and longevity of your investment. 

If you’re in need of a portable building, whether for storage, a workshop, or any other purpose, look no further than Blacks Buildings. Experience the durability, craftsmanship, and peace of mind that their warranties offer. Trust Blacks Buildings to provide you with the perfect portable structure for your specific needs.


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