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Nestled in the heart of Lebanon, Tennessee, Blacks Buildings has been a stalwart in the shed and modular structure industry for eight years and counting. I had the privilege of sitting down with Matt Black, the proprietor of this innovative company, to learn about their journey and the unique offerings that set them apart.

Starting with a Heart to Serve

Every successful venture has its beginnings, and Blacks Buildings is no exception. Matt Black shared with me how it all started. It began with the family’s involvement in providing metal roofing for mobile homes, laying the foundation for what would become Blacks Buildings. A pivotal moment occurred when an inquiry came their way, asking if they could build metal sheds. The necessary materials were already in their inventory, and with a can-do spirit, they took the plunge into the shed manufacturing business.

However, the road to success was not without its challenges. It took four to five years of hard work and dedication to truly ramp up the business. Scaling materials acquisition, retaining skilled employees, and navigating the intricacies of the industry were just some of the hurdles they had to overcome. Today, Blacks Buildings proudly stands as a thriving business with over eight years of experience under their belt.

More Than Just Shells

While the name may suggest a focus on traditional shell offerings of portable building manufacturers, Blacks Buildings offers so much more. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has led them to diversify their product offerings.

In Matt’s own words, “We’re not just a standard storage building manufacturer. We also do a lot of modular structures and tiny homes. We can build just about anything, including barns and garages and similar structures.”

What sets Blacks Buildings apart from the competition is their dedication to finishing the interior of their structures. While other companies often stop at building the shell, Blacks Buildings goes the extra mile to offer packages to ensure the inside is not just functional but aesthetically pleasing. This comprehensive approach has become a game-changer in the Nashville metro area, where housing prices have surged.

Matt says, “It’s not unique, but it’s also not common to offer something outside the standard prefabricated sheds that you see everywhere on lots. Most companies just build the shell, with very few customizations, but Blacks Buildings can do so much more. We offer fully finished buildings, with insulation, electrical, paneling, interior walls, and HVAC”

Matt emphasized that they can design and build a fully finished structure for less than $100,000, providing a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to traditional housing. He stated, “The lead time here to get a regular house is at least 12 months, but we can typically deliver a fully finished structure in 3-5 months. It has provided a lot of value for our customers.”

Options Galore

One of the key factors contributing to Blacks Buildings’ success is their commitment to customization. They cater to the unique needs and desires of their customers, offering a plethora of options. From doors and windows to electrical packages and split AC units, they provide a wide array of accessories to enhance the functionality and comfort of their structures.

Matt explains, “We like to cater to the needs and wants of the customers as much as possible so we do offer a lot of options when it comes to doors and windows, electrical packages, split AC type units. We do a lot of stuff, pretty much anything we can do as accessory products to our sheds, we offer that to our customers.”

This commitment to customization means that customers can save on additional expenses that might arise if they were to hire other contractors for these services, although customers also do have the option to finish off the interior themselves.

In Matt’s view, “While it isn’t cheap for us to finish out these structures, it actually adds a lot of value for our customers. They do not have to deal with contractors that may, or may not, actually get the job done to their expectations. We stand behind our work, and offer a lifetime warranty on our structures, so it really works for everybody.”

Celebrating Company Growth

As Blacks Buildings celebrates eight years of excellence, they continue to grow, innovate, and provide outstanding solutions to their customers. Their journey from a family-oriented metal roofing business to a leading shed and modular structure manufacturer showcases the power of dedication, adaptability, and a customer-first mindset. In an ever-changing world, Blacks Buildings remains a beacon of reliability, quality, and innovation in the industry.

So, whether you’re in need of a traditional shed, a cozy tiny home, or a fully finished office space, Blacks Buildings is the name you can trust. With their extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, they are sure to remain a cornerstone of the industry for many years to come.

In Matt’s own words, “We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in these eight years, but we’re not stopping here. We’ll keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in shed manufacturing and continue to provide our customers with top-notch, customized solutions for their unique needs.


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